Joma R.5000 Turquoise


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Joma has compiled all the opinions of athletes who have tried the lightest shoe in the history of the company, weighing only 167 grams, where they give their first impressions and sensations felt with the R-5000. The Olympic athlete Chuso Garcia Bragado has tested the R-5000 model, for him they are shoes that LOREM IPSUM (video statements). Bragado is the Spanish athlete with the most Olympic medals, he has more than 350 kilometres of Olympic walking in his legs and in Tokyo 2020 he will complete his eighth Olympic Games. He was world champion in Stuttgart 1993 and three times runner-up in the years 1997, 2001 and 2009. The shoe is aimed at runners with excellent technique, adequate muscular work and who control their footwork very well so that they do not need excessive cushioning or directioning of the step, and have a running rhythm of less than 2,3 minutes. The minimum weight the shoe attaches to your body during the race decreases the load and helps to squeeze your marks. Joma has worked especially on achieving maximum ventilation through the improved VTS system. The orientation of the mesh pattern achieves an internal airflow from the toe to the rear, cooling the foot with every stride. The construction of the shoe is done through the JOMA SPORTECH system that adjusts the cut to the foot from the lace to the heel with rubber injection, a lighter material than the classic TPU and the internal buttress lowered the sides to eliminate the excess material that technical runners do not need. The excellent work to lighten the weight is more evident in the tongue. In one piece, flat, just a few grams that will go unnoticed by the runner. To make it very comfortable, a very fine foam inner piece is added to secure the laces. These are flat, lightweight threads that contribute to the shoe’s overall ultra-lightness. Your midsole builds a low profile shoe with Drop 6. The reactivity provided by the FLY REACTIVE system, allows for rapid take-off without lifting too much off the ground and thus saving energy. FLY REACTIVE is Joma’s great contribution to the R-5000 in the area of cushioning. It is a new technology developed by the brand and applied to the midsole, which consists of a very light material that returns a large amount of energy in each step. Its characteristics of flexibility and lightness allow it to recover its shape at high speed, which drives the footprint at the exit. It provides ultra-light cushioning and a uniform footfall cycle, in which the foot will feel comfortable at all points. Joma has developed an exhaustive biomechanical study of the footfall of the technical runner to which R.5000 is directed to reduce the sole exclusively to the points where the sole has contact with the surface. This lightens the weight of this part of the shoe and maintains adequate protection. The quality of the high density rubber provided by the DURABILITY system is maintained.

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